Team Activation Program (TAP)

Conductive activates teams. We build Team Conductivity by calibrating the team to a standard of execution that maximizes team flow, with each individual member empowered to make a 3-Way Promise to:

This 3-Way Promise brings the team to its highest possible performance level by optimizing the power of the group. Individuals gain a deeper understanding of each other’s leadership and performance profiles which allows each team member to unify around strategy and key initiatives.

Program Includes

Mapping the company’s DNA using the team’s Hogan results

Understanding the impact of values on creating team culture

Distinguishing each participant’s leadership strengths and focus

Recognizing how one leads under stress

Developing consistent and collaborative communication skills

Improving the quality of performance feedback and "Feedforward"

Learning to build greater influence as a leader

Understanding behaviors that impede performance

We helped global transportation industry CEO Laurent Troger up-level his leadership style and his teams’ performance for even greater success. Hear what he has to say about the Team Activation Program.

The program combines a Team Activation retreat followed by individual coaching sessions to implement new tools and techniques. Participants experience a real shift in their approach, their productivity, and their interactions with peers. These takeaways help create a road map for smoother processes and stronger results.

The Team Activation Program begins with an individual online Hogan assessment which is followed by a 1-on-1 debrief with an Executive Coach. By harnessing the power and knowledge from the collective Hogan results, we map the culture and design a unique learning experience for the team.

We start by bringing the full team together to share the results for an interactive session that fosters open dialogue and creates a language of collaboration. The participants walk away with new tools and techniques that they can immediately apply to take internal and external interactions to a new level.

Working with my Executive Coach has given me a new perspective on my own individual growth, presence and impact as a leader, as well as elevating my team’s effectiveness. For my executive team she was able to assess each individual and then analyze how we could maximize our working relationship and create a culture of higher performance.

Chief Digital Officer
Global Digital Media Corporation

Our Approach

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The Conductive Toolbox

The Conductive Toolbox includes assessments, surveys and questionnaires, developmental exercises and customized training programs for current and emerging leaders. Our clients complete an online leadership assessment, followed by a one-on-one two-hour debrief. These techniques, methodologies and strategies map the gap between your self-perception and how others perceive you.

Data-Driven Insights

Conductive identifies the individual behaviors, strengths and values that will accelerate or impede your success. Our selected assessments – Hogan Assessment, 360 Stakeholder Interviews, Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) and Energy Leadership Index (ELI) – provide evidence-based data and insight into a client’s reputation and how they show up day-to-day and under stress. We aggregate and analyze the data, then summarize it to identify the patterns, themes and topics we will cover during training.


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