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Laurent Troger,
Former CEO at a
Global Transportation Company

We helped global transportation industry CEO Laurent Troger up-level his leadership style and his teams’ performance for even greater success. Laurent has grown as a leader and has taken his team along with him through our Team Activation Program.
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Tara Swanson,
Americas Head of Analytics at

We helped Tara gain the confidence to pursue her career with passion. We worked with Tara Swanson of Bloomberg to drive results to take her and her team further through our Executive Coaching Program.
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Amy Wilson Cheney,
Vice President at

Amy Wilson Cheney describes her coaching experience as “fantastic” and “life-changing.” She now feels “more authentic,” “more in touch with who she is” and more aware of her “natural, given strengths.” after going through our Executive Coaching Program.
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Paul Ter Veen,
Former CEO at
ACT Commodities

We used Hogan Assessment data to map Paul Ter Veen’s team culture and to derive insights to help him and his team excel throughout our Team Activation Program.

I have been to over 25 off-sites and retreats throughout my career and this was by far the best and most impactful one I have participated in. Having this time together with a new team has allowed us to get to know each other and how we operate at a level it would normally take 6 months to achieve.

Global Transporation Company
Team Activation Program

I cannot thank my coach enough for the work she did with me as I looked to transition to a new industry. Her insight into my work style and personality and her guidance on issues both large and small have been invaluable and have made an enormous impact on how I work and pursue my goals.

Executive Editor

Career Development Program

I had to bid farewell to ‘the comfortable me’ and go do ‘scary things.’ I have become more daring. I have realized that taking some risks can bring me much more enjoyment than I ever thought. I’m not so sure that would have happened if it weren’t for my coach. So, thank you once again for all of your insights and encouragement.

IT Project Manager
Healthcare Corporation

Executive Coaching Program

My Career Coach sessions were absolutely essential to the development and continued growth of my business. Within my first three sessions, I began to see a difference not only in
the way that I viewed my business offerings but also how my clients valued my services. 

Executive Director
Consulting Company

Career Development Program

Working with my Executive Coach has given me a new perspective on my individual growth, on my presence and impact as a leader, and it’s elevated my team’s effectiveness. Regarding my executive team, my coach was able to assess each individual and then analyze how we could maximize our working relationship and create a culture of higher performance.

Executive Director

Management Training Program

Conductive Coaches are truly experts in both personal and team coaching and also have successfully leveraged their expertise with the Hogan personality profile and the “Energy Leadership” concept into their work with us. It’s been incredibly helpful for our team, and as I mentioned, Hogan profiling is something that we have recently undertaken with the management team.

Consulting Company

Management Training Program

My coach’s experience in Finance proved extremely valuable, especially early in the process, as she had the ability to understand the dynamics of the business, the confluence of personalities and the overall stress endemic to the industry: she was able to assess a variety of situations quickly and effectively. I also believe

it enabled her to have more credible conversations with me and my team during the early background and fact-finding stages.

Major Money-Center Bank
Senior Equities Executive

Executive Coaching Program

Conductive has a unique coaching approach – it’s passionate, personal and transformative. Since working with my Executive Coach, I am more effective at work. I now maintain a sharper focus on my core strengths, which has enhanced my work relationships and given me a better sense of my importance and role within the company. My Executive Coach deals with the whole person. She provides the tools I need to better navigate my work life while making me aware of exactly who I am – which I accept!

Chief Marketing Officer
Global Retail Company

Executive Coaching Program

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